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Trigon Law Office

Trigon Law Office is a full-service Law Firm registered in 2014 and having its registered office at Victoria Island Lagos. We have a team of Barristers and Solicitors that are fully engaged in the delivery of quality and personalized legal services. We render legal services and advice to a broad spectrum of clients on diverse legal, commercial and corporate matters.

The Firm blends a mix of expertise and experience with a dynamic and innovative approach in the provision of qualitative legal services founded on integrity, professionalism and the best traditions of the Bar which is brought to bear on the particular needs of your Company.

The Firm is involved in several commercial transactions as we offer and deliver a robust spectrum of legal services involving Real Estate Law, Corporate Law and Commercial Law, and such other matters as we may lawfully undertake on our clients’ behalf.

It is our goal to not only provide quality legal services but also become a trusted and reliable partner to our clients. We aim to make the task easier and less testing on our clients by going above and beyond to provide innovative solutions to help you achieve your goals and so far, we have been nothing but successful.